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Canon Beach Engagement Photos

Dustin and Natalie’s beach engagement photos on Canon Beach turned out stunning! There’s something genuinely magical about the Oregon coast. The rugged cliffs, soft golden sands, and the sound of waves crashing the shore are already so beautiful. But add a love story to it, and the scene becomes straight out of a fairy tale. This was the case with Natalie and Dustin’s Canon Beach engagement photos! They are getting married in Moore Mansion in 2024, and I can’t wait to work with them again.

Dustin and Natalie’s Romantic Canon Beach Engagement Photos

Before Natalie and Dustin say their “I dos,” closer to home in Washington state, they wanted a slice of the Oregon coast for their beach engagement photos. So, they chose Canon Beach as their backdrop. Their decision could not have been better! It was so much fun capturing their engagement session in such a gorgeous setting.

Natalie wore a beautiful white dress as her first outfit, and it really stood out in front of the moody sky we had that day. They both had a second outfit, which is a great way to add variety to your session. It also comes in handy for beach engagement photos if you decide to run in the waves like Natalie and Dustin did!

Haystack Rock Surprise

Every engagement session has it’s unique moments. But Natalie and Dustin’s had a wild twist. Most people head to Canon Beach with dreams of getting that perfect shot with Haystack Rock in the background. But on this particular day, nature had it’s plans.

Haystack Rock was closed off because an adventurous cougar decided to take a swim and made the rock it’s temporary resting spot! This moment definitely made for a fun story that Natalie and Dustin will be able to tell for years.

Let’s Capture Your Beach Engagement Photos Next!

Canon Beach provided the perfect backdrop for this love story. The moody skies, the waves, and the sheer beauty of the coast highlighted the love between Natalie and Dustin. Their laughter, intimate glances, and candid moments together made this engagement session so special and memorable.

Are you dreaming of a beach engagement session as romantic as Natalie and Dustin’s? Whether you’re planning to get married in Washington or anywhere else, I offer a complimentary engagement session for all my wedding clients. You can learn more about me here. If it sounds like I’d be the perfect Washington wedding photographer for you, then inquire with me here. In the meantime, check out more engagement photography sessions like this one on the blog for inspiration!

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Come see more of these romantic Canon Beach engagement photos below!

Romantic Cannon beach engagement photo

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